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The Enemies in We Need to go Deeper

The Living Infinite is home to a host of various kinds of undersea wildlife. Mostly dangerous wildlife.

List Of Enemies[edit | edit source]

All current enemies should be listed here. Add any if you notice some are absent here!

Enemy Picture Enemy Name Biome Exterior/Interior/Cave
SharkwholeRealistic.png Shark Atlantic Waters Exterior
TigerSharkWhole.png Tiger Shark Atlantic Waters Exterior
SwordFishWhole.png Swordfish Atlantic Waters Exterior/Interior
DuopusWhole.png Duopus Atlantic Waters Exterior/Interior
CrabPersonExteriorWhole.png Decapodian Atlantic Waters/

Prehistoric Waters

ClownFishWhole.png Killer Clownfish Atlantic Waters Exterior
CrabScuttle 05.png Atlantic Crab Atlantic Waters Cave
ClamPreview.png Clam All Cave
RockIceCrystal.png Ice Crystal Frozen Waters Exterior
Orca Swim Closed NEW 05.png Orca Frozen Waters Exterior
NarwhalSwim 04.png Narwhal Frozen Waters Exterior
PenguinMockup.png Penguin Frozen Waters Exterior/Interior
ArcticShrimp.png Arctic Shrimp Frozen Waters Cave
SnowCrabPreview.png Snow Crab Frozen Waters Cave
OysterWhole.png Oyster Cursed Waters Exterior
BarracudaWhole.png Barracuda Cursed Waters Exterior
HammerHeadPreview.png Hammer Head Shark Cursed Waters Exterior
HammerDeadSharkWhole.png Hammer Dead Shark Cursed Waters Exterior
SirenExteriorWhole.png Siren Cursed Waters Exterior/Interior
GhostPlayer.png Ghost Player Cursed Waters Interior/Cave
GhostFish.png Ghost Fish Cursed Waters Interior/Cave
CursedClamWhole.png Cursed Clam Cursed Waters Cave
BarnacleMine.png Barnacle Mine Infected Depths Exterior
BarnacleHarvesterWhole.png Barnacle Harvester Infected Depths Exterior
Infected-Fish.png Barnacle Biter Infected Depths Exterior
BarnacleMaw.png Marnacle Maw Infected Depths Exterior
BarnacleGrabberMockup.png Barnacle Grabber Infected Depths Exterior/Interior
BarnacleCrab3.png Barnacle Crab Infected Depths Interior/Cave
BarnacleSpiderTage2.png Barnacle Spider Infected Depths Interior/Cave
BarnacleSpiderStage3.png Barnacle Spider Stage 2 Infected Depths Interior/Cave
BarnacleSnailWhole.png Barnacle Snail Infected Depths Cave
BarnacleClamWhole.png Barnacle Clam Infected Depths Cave
BobbitPreview.png Bobbit Dark Depths Exterior
GrenadierPreview.png Grenadier Dark Depths Exterior
AnglerFish.png Angler Fish Dark Depths Exterior
AnglerSickWhole.png Sick Angler Fish Dark Depths Exterior
GoblinSharkWhole.png Goblin Shark Dark Depths Exterior/Interior
CamoPusWhole.png Camopus Dark Depths Exterior/Interior
BabyLampreySwim.png Baby Lamprey Dark Depths Exterior/Interior
BlobfishWhole.png Blob Fish Dark Depths Exterior/Interior
Vent.png Vent Volcanic Depths Exterior
TubeWormsWhole.png Tube Worms Volcanic Depths Exterior/Interior
VolcanicShark.png Volcanic Shark Volcanic Depths Exterior
VolcanicTortoiseNoFoliage.png Volcanic Tortoise Volcanic Depths Exterior
VolcanicSquid.png Volcanic Squid Volcanic Depths Exterior/Interior
SeaMonkeyPreview.png Sea Monkey Volcanic Depths Interior
VolcanicBoarPreview.png Volcanic Boar Volcanic Depths Exterior/Interior/Cave
VolcanicCrab.png Volcanic Crab Volcanic Depths Cave
PurpleFlowerWhole.png Purple Flower Prehistoric Waters Exterior
WallFlowerCompleteNOTFORUSE.png Yellow Flower Prehistoric Waters Exterior
PiranhaWholeMockup.png Mega Piranha Prehistoric Waters Exterior
DunkleBig.png Dunkleosteus Prehistoric Waters Exterior
EuryptidComplete2.png Euryptid Prehistoric Waters Exterior/Interior
PurpleSeedFlyMockup.png Seed Fly Prehistoric Waters Interior
PlantInvaderWhole.png Plant Invader Prehistoric Waters Interior/Cave
TrilobiteWholeCompoundEye.png Trilobite Prehistoric Waters Cave