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Description[edit | edit source]

The following is a complete list of all currently available Steam Achievements, displaying their icons, names and their descriptions.

List of Achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Center Close Call Recover from near certain destruction.
Center Getaway Driver Steer the Ship to safety while at 10 hull or less.
Center Getting Your Feet Wet Break through your first 1,000 fathoms.
Center Jules Verne Dive 20,000 fathoms under the sea.
Center Hasty Drinker Drink poison. Why would you do that?
Center Resourceful Utilize 3 batteries in a single run.
Center Selfless Soul Revive a teammate while at 2 health or less.
Center Till Death Do You Part Experience a heart-breaking divorce.
Center Disassemble Overcome your first Lair Guardian.
Center Wrecking Crew Disassemble 100 Lair Guardians.
Center Museum Curator Uncover every relic.
Center Travel Lightly Reach the bottom without a backpack.
Center Disease Ridden Reach the bottom without curing any afflictions.
Center Deep Sea Diplomats Reach the bottom without angering a civilization.
Center Delay The Inevitable "Destroy" a Time Devourer.
Center Quadrilateral Defeat the Quadken.
Center Obsession Defeat the Pale Whale.
Center Here There Be Monsters Defeat the Leviathan.
Center Eye Catching Defeat the Sightless.
Center Antiviral Defeat the Hive.
Center Tropical Heat Defeat the Erupting Shell.
Center Shocked And Apalled Defeat the Ephyra.
Center Tummy Ache Defeat the Sleepy Giant.
Center No Soliciting Defeat the Ambassador.
Center It's Cold Out In Space Unleash chaos on the universe and pay the price.
AchievementIconStoneCold.png Stone Cold Make a sacrifice for the good of the universe.
Center Put Your Little Hand In Mine Loop the game and experience time travel.
Center Crevette Voyager Reach the bottom with the Crevette.
Center Requin Voyager Reach the bottom with the Requin.
Center Perle Voyager Reach the bottom with the Perle.
Center Espadon Voyager Reach the bottom with the Espadon.
Center Poubelle Voyager Reach the bottom with the Poubelle.