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Afflictions are in-game status effects that you can contract through various means; the most common of which being ingesting flooding water while drowning in it. Every biome's water has different properties, and will affect which afflictions you can contract in each area. Each of them will affect the player differently and will alter their appearance, as well as release many particles that indicate to other crewmembers that the player is afflicted.

List of Afflictions[edit | edit source]

This is a list of all currently available afflictions.

Curing Afflictions[edit | edit source]

There are a few ways players can currently remove an affliction after contracting it. Here are the ways you can do this:

Doctors[edit | edit source]

BarnaclePersonDoctor.png Doctors - You can cure your afflitctions by talking to Doctors found in Civilizations, as long as they weren't attacked or robbed.

MedKit[edit | edit source]

HealthKit.png Medkit - You can also cure your afflictions by being healed with a Medkit by your crewmates. Every time you are healed by it, there is a 10% chance of all afflictions you contracted being cured!

Chemistry Kit[edit | edit source]

ChemistrySetFlasksPurple.png Purple Elixir - Another way to cure afflictions is to utilize the Chemistry Kit to create a Purple Elixir. Throw the Purple Elixir at whoever you want to cure, and they will be cured. Using the Purple Elixir, you can even cure multiple players at once!