Arctic Squid

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Arctic Squid
SquidSquim 04.png
Health(ext.) 10
Health(int.) 30 (each tentacle)
Biome Frozen Waters
Appearance Exterior

The Arctic Squid is an uncommon enemy found in the Frozen Waters.

Description[edit | edit source]

Arctic Squids are cephalopods that only possess 2 tentacles, which the creature uses as means of defense and locomotion. It is protected by its thick, pale pink skin and a single large, red eye can be seen on either side, granting it the perception it uses to locate its prey in the cold, dangerous environment it dwells in.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

When a Arctic Squid spots the submarine, it will make a straight line for it. Once it is very close, it will latch onto the sub, and disable the shields for as long as the squid is holding onto the submarine. Two tentacles will appear inside, and cause a hull breach each. The squid will not release the submarine until all tentacles are severed in the interior. It will then float off, now harmless, but can still be destroyed.

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