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Items in We Need to Go Deeper are a variety of tools and weapons that can be found in the game world in Lootable Bodies. Not all items are created equally, however, and some less desirable ones can also be acquired, but as gifts from the Trash Hermit.

Only 1 Item (including trash items) can be carried at the same time, but once the player finds a Backpack, they can carry 2 Items and switch between them with the right mouse button.

List of All Trash Items[edit | edit source]

It's worth noting that Elixirs can improve repair and damage values. Additionally, any item that is swung can be charged to release an attack that deals 1.8x as much damage or repair points.

Item Image Item Name Repair






Banana Peel 0 0 A dirty, rotting Banana Peel. Still very slippery.
Rusty Wrench 5 3 A rusty, old wrench. Can still do its job, but not its glory days are over.
Dirty Mop 0 7 An old, dirty mop. It can't be used for cleaning anymore, but it may work well as a club.
Crab Arm 0 7 A detached crab arm. It's still surprisingly sturdy and sharp.
Broken Sword 0 7 A broken, old sword. It's too dull and short to stab, but can still be swung well.