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Barnacle Maw

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Barnacle Maw
Health(ext.) 30
Biome Infected Depths
Appearance Exterior

The Barnacle Maw is an uncommon enemy found in the waters of the Infected Depths

Description[edit | edit source]

It appears to be a large colonial organism comprised of experimental barnacles. Unlike the Barnacle Biter, it does not have a fish-like appearance, having a "mouth" made out of overgrown thoracic limbs (cirri) and swimming with the aid of other, smaller cirri found around the creature's body.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The barnacle maw is perhaps one of the most dangerous enemies in the game. Luckily rather uncommon, one may not even see one when passing through these depths.

Unlike other enemies who tend to charge and overshoot the submarine, the barnacle maw will try to chase the sub as accurately as possible, much like bosses. As long as it is close enough, it will repeatedly bite the submarine, capable of rapidly and repeatedly breaching the hull.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Try not to get the sub cornered, and shoot the maw as frequently as possible. Use knockback to keep your distance from it, as it can very quickly damage your submarine when it's on range and due to its speed, it will be difficult to aim once it's too close.

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