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Henry the Beetle
Health(int.) 1
Biome ???

On April the 1st. 2017 there was an update called The Beetles Update. It's purpose was to add more Beetle refrences, so they added beetles to the game, based on a story of "Henry the Beetle". It turned out to be an april fools jokes later. There where no beetles and some people actually fell for it.

Story[edit | edit source]

- The Beetles have arrived.

- Fixed a small bug where Beetles weren't showing up properly.

- Fixed a network error that kept Beetles away from clients. Beetles are now 50% more attracted to clients thanks to our new Client-Pheremone system.

- Fixed a bug causing the Water Pump to turn into a wrench upon dropping it. Also Beetles.

- More Beetles.

- Found a Beetle under my chair and named it Henry the Beetle.

- Bought Beetle life insurance.

- Held a funeral service for Henry after mistaking him for a jellybean.

- Reaped the benefits of Henry's Beetle Life Insurance.

- Bought a new car (A Blue Volkswagon Beetle) and named it Henry in memory of Henry the Beetle.

- Added yet more Beetles to the game.