The Sleepy Giant

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The Sleepy Giant

BiomeAncient Abyss
AppearanceExterior/Belly of the Giant

BiomeAncient Abyss
AppearanceExterior/Belly of the Giant

Description[edit | edit source]

The Sleepy Giant is a gargantuan creature that lies at the bottom of the Ancient Abyss, sleeping inside a gigantic crevice in the ocean walls. The Sleepy Giant does not directly hunt, preferring to stay inside its lair, waiting for its prey to enter its domain and awaken the beast, at which point the Sleepy Giant will employ its two enormous maws to create a powerful, inescapable suction, which will inevitably drag its quarry into the jaws of the behemoth. In addition to its pronounced jaws, the Sleepy Giant is characterized by its green scales, a large ridge starting from its head leading down to its back and three seemingly atrophied fins, possibly an adaptation to its highly sedentary lifestyle.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Sleepy Giant sleeps at the bottom of the Ancient Abyss. It will remain asleep until the Submarine approaches, at which point it will wake up and use its gigantic maws to create a powerful cone of suction, which will slowly drag the vessel to its mouth, at which point the beast will swallow the entire submarine. Afterwards, you will find yourself inside the Belly of the Beast, where you'll have to fight through dozens of Nematodes and dodge Spiky Flesh Growths until you reach the behemoth's heart, which will have to be slain while warding off a constant onslaught of Nematodes. After the heart is destroyed, the beast's interior will begin to collapse, and you'll have to dodge falling flesh pieces and make your way back to the Submarine. After escaping the beast, it will finally explode, putting a final end to the behemoth.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

*Unverified* It appears that melee weapons are significantly more effective during the boss fight, because they allow you to kill multiple Nematodes at once, drastically reducing enemy build-up.

If the host player remains on the sub, they can brig the other players after the boss has been defeated, removing any chance of a potentially game-ending death as The Sleepy Giant dies.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Sleepy Giant's head is roughly 4-5 times the size of the the Crevette. Its overall size is that 16 times the size of the the Crevette.
  • It is possible to kill the Sleepy Giant without killing its heart by dealing enough exterior damage to it. This is, however, nearly impossible to do without taking advantage of some glitch or wasting numerous resources.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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