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Health(ext.) 10
Biome Cursed Waters
Appearance Exterior

The Catfish is an uncommon enemy found in the Cursed Waters.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Catfish is a ray-finned fish characterized by their long barbels, which are very similar to cat whiskers. The species of catfish native to The Living Infinite are known for their gargantuan sizes, wide open mouths and rather short barbels oddly distributed near their flabby "chin". Even though their size inspires fear on many, they are completely harmless, and simply swim around the waters in search for food.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Catfish is not aggressive in any way, and will often be found randomly swimming around the Cursed Waters. Unlike most other fleeing critters, the Catfish seems to ignore the Submarine, and will continue swimming around randomly once it detects the vessel, often getting in between the Turret and any enemies the gunner is attempting to shoot, soaking up bullets and accidentally protecting the other creature. This goes both ways, however, and the catfish will often block the path of other, more dangerous fish and helping the Submarine escape from tough situations.

Description Cursed Waters
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