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A cave in the Atlantic Waters.
Underwater caves are located randomly throughout your map, and are able to be entered by steering your sub into the cave. Once inside you can disembark through the hatch located in your submarine. Caves are procedurally generated. Inside you'll find Enemies, treasure chests, upgrade boxes, barrels, and lots of gold!

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

There are currently six upgrades of which one can be found at the end of every cave:
Upgrades are hidden in these boxes
Shield recharge speed Increases shield recharge speed by 7%
Engine speed Increases engine speed by 5%
Cannon rotation speed Increases cannon rotation speed by 7%
Hull integrity upgrade Increases hull by 5 points
Increased bullet fire rate
Increased EMP


Treasure chests.[edit | edit source]

Treasure chests found in caves can contain different items.

  • A pile of gold.
  • A common cave enemy of the respective biome.
  • A random item. (I.E. Rose, pipe wrench, etc.)

Barrels[edit | edit source]

Barrels inside the caves can be destroyed and contain different items.

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