Chemistry Kit

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"Chemistry Kit"
40 (enemies)
4 (crew)
30 (enemies)
3 (crew)

The chemistry kit is an item that gives the user access to a variety of potions. When a potion is thrown, a new one takes its place. The color of the potion is selected randomly. Potions have an area of effect splash, and the effect lingers for a few seconds, each cloud can only apply its effect once to any entity that comes in contact with it.

Color Effect
Yellow Speed boost
Blue Speed debuff
Purple Cures any afflictions
Red Heals players for 3 Health points and enemies for 30.
Orange Damages crewmates for -4 Player health and does 40 damage to enemies. (~6x wrench)

The Trade-Off[edit | edit source]

In raw stats, the Chemistry Kit is the joint second strongest weapon (40 damage, same as a fully charged Tesla Gun, compared to 100 of Dynamite) and the best healing item (4 heal compared to 1 of the MedKit and Syringe).
However, you can't choose which potion will be next. Also you have to aim carefully because the potions affect enemies and crewmates alike.

Catalog Description[edit | edit source]

Create various scienctific concoctions of various levels of usefulness with this all-in-one chemistry set!