Chemistry Kit

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"Chemistry Kit"
40 (enemies)
4 (crew)
30 (enemies)
3 (crew)

The chemistry kit is an item that gives the user access to a variety of potions. When a potion is thrown, a new one takes its place. The color of the potion is selected randomly. Potions have an area of effect splash, and the effect lingers for a few seconds, each cloud can only apply its effect once to any entity that comes in contact with it.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Color Effect
Yellow Speed boost
Blue Speed debuff
Purple Cures any afflictions
Red Heals players for 3 Health points and enemies for 30.
Orange Damages crewmates for -4 Player health and does 40 damage to enemies. (~6x wrench)

The Trade-Off[edit | edit source]

In raw stats, the Chemistry Kit is the joint second strongest weapon (40 damage, same as a fully charged Tesla Gun, compared to 100 of Dynamite) and the best healing item (3 heal compared to 1 of the MedKit and Syringe).
However, you can't choose which potion will be next. Also you have to aim carefully because the potions affect enemies and crewmates alike.

Ingame Descriptions[edit | edit source]

Catalog[edit | edit source]

Create various scienctific concoctions of various levels of usefulness with this all-in-one chemistry set!

Loadout Screen[edit | edit source]

Sample tissue from your enemies and create a variety of useful concoctions!

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Weapons Ranged Weapons Flintlock • Six-Shooter • Tesla Gun • Eldritch Staff
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Healing Items MedKit • Syringe
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