Egg Pile

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Egg Pile
Health(int.) 120
Biome Frozen Waters
Appearance Cave

The Egg Pile is a spawner enemy found in the caves of the Frozen Waters.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Egg Pile is a large pile of Snow Crab eggs. The eggs are very small, round and have a red coloration, and there are a huge amount of them in the pile, an adaptation to make up for the high mortality rates of the young crabs. Some eggs at the bottom appear to have already hatched or have been destroyed due to the weight of the others on top of them, creating a mushy substract for the other eggs to lay upon.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Egg Pile will continuously spawn Baby Crabs, as long as there are fewer than 3 spawned Baby Crabs alive. Because of their decently high health and ability to continuously spawn enemies, they can often be troublesome to deal with, but as long as you have Items capable of dealing damage to multiple enemies at once or a high rate of fire, it should be fairly easy to dispatch of all enemies spawned by the Egg Pile.

Description Frozen Waters
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Cave Enemies Snow Crab •  Clam •  Arctic Shrimp •  Egg Pile
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