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Eldritch Vessel

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This article or section may contain spoilers. You might want to avoid reading further if you don't want to spoil the surprise for yourself!

Eldritch Vessel
Health(ext.) 25
Biome The Meteor
Appearance Exterior

The Eldritch Vessel is an uncommon enemy that may appear in the The Meteor.

Description[edit | edit source]

An unfathomable vessel, formed out of some unknown eldritch material that powers the object and gives it some twisted imitation of what may be considered life. It is ruthless and its attacks violent, seeking Submarines to inject its horrendous crew upon, transporting them inside their target one at a time until all life that may have existed in the interior has long since been turned to dust. It is not known how this thing came to be; was it once yet another U-boat, filled with a research crew doomed to die in this horrendous place, and have both themselves and their vessel transformed into these horrendous abominations? Were these vessels a creation of its crew after they were turned into the Mad Ones, each piece taken from the very place where they met their end? Regardless, one thing is for certain: its purposes are wicked, and its metal is tainted in blood - little remains of whatever these things once were, or whatever scientific purpose they once served.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Once the Eldritch Vessel spots the submarine, it will attempt to ram it. If it succeeds, one of its eldritch crew will invade the submarine and attempt to kill anyone inside. After successfully transporting a Mad One into the ship, the Eldritch Vessel will continue to ram it, releasing more and more enemies inside, until it is destroyed or all its victims are long dead.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Due to the large amounts of Mad Ones the Eldritch Vessel can release inside the submarine, it is imperative that it is destroyed before it can do much damage, as its crew is very powerful and with each one brought upon the player's ship, a large hole is created, which can easily flood the room it is in, if care is not taken. Furthermore, as the Mad Ones can destroy doors that block their path, allowing many of them to make their way into the ship will often result in all doors being destroyed, making it much more difficult to control floods or the movement of other, more dangerous enemies.

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