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Health(ext.) 30
Health(int.) 60 (each claw)
Biome Ancient Abyss
Appearance Interior

The Eurypterid is a rare enemy found in the Ancient Abyss

Description[edit | edit source]

Eurypterids are a supposedly extinct group of arthropods related to arachnids that include the largest known arthropods to have ever lived. They have, however, survived in The Living Infinite and will use their large claws to terrorize anyone that enters its territory.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The eurypterid will chase the submarine and attempt to latch onto it. When it latches on to the ship it disables the shield like all grabber-type enemies, and it spawns 4 claws inside the ship. These claws will swing at nearby players to damage them, dealing 2 points of damage if they hit. Due to the resilience of their claws and their uncommon ability to deal 2 points of damage per hit, they are extremely hard to remove from the ship if the crew doesn't have advanced weapons.

Description Ancient Abyss
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