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Description[edit | edit source]

Events are temporary updates that happen periodically. They can be Season Events, happening once per season, or Special Events, which happen periodically or in fixed dates.

Season Events[edit | edit source]

Spring[edit | edit source]

The Spring event, which also serves as the easter event, consists of the Egg Hunt of Dr. Moreau, during the period between April 1st and April 15th, Frobbit Eggs will spawn randomly in caves and can be destroyed, spawning a frobbit or rarely an event hat. The hats consist of a chick, a bunny, a pig, a duck, a rabbit and a lamb costume.

HATSeasterBunny.pngHATSeasterChick.pngHATSeasterDuck.png HATSeasterLamb.png HATSeasterRabbit.png HATSeasterPig.png

Summer[edit | edit source]

The summer event, or "the Wrath of the Sun God", follows the awakening of the Aztec Sun God, which results in the awakening of it's followers, which lie in Aztec Caskets scattered across the Living Infinite. Between the period of June 21st to July 8th, players can enconter these aztec caskets and open them, spawning either an Aztec Mummy or rarely an aztec headwear. The aztec headwears consist of a skeleton mask, a hat styled after a bird, a hat made out of a jaguar's head, a hat made out of a serpent's head, a large golden mask and a Sun God priest's headwear, the rarest of the six.

AztecTurqoiseMask.pngAztecEagleWarriorHeaddress.pngAztecJaguarWarriorHeaddress.pngAztecSerpentWarriorHeaddress.png AztecAcolyteMask.png AztecSunCrown.png

Fall[edit | edit source]

The Fall event, which also serves as the Halloween event, is called the "Heads of the Horseman" fall event. During the period between October 22nd and November 10th, gigantic pumpkin creatures will appear in the Living Infinite and pursue the submarine until they die or latch onto it. If they manage to latch onto the submarine, they will stick their roots inside the submarine, which will have to be destroyed to kill the creature. However, as the roots are destroyed, they turn into smaller pumpkin creatures which will also create pumpkin bombs when they die. However, rarely, instead of turning into a pumpkin bomb, they will instead drop one of 4 Event hats. Additionally, the Headless Horseman himself will sometimes appear inside the submarine, and if killed, it will usually drop a cosmetic of its own: it's ragged outfit. The Event hats consist of a mutated pumpkin, apple, squash and corn, and the Event suit is the Headless Horseman's outfit.


Winter[edit | edit source]

The Winter event, which also serves as the Christmas event, is called the "Gifts of the Sugarplum Fairies". During the period between December 25th and January 4th, submarines will be randomly invaded by gift bearing Sugarplum Fairies. This will spawn an unnagressive Sugarplum Fairy, as well as a gift. The gift can be destroyed, spawning either a Rabid Rat or, rarely, an Event Hat. It is unknown if killing the Fairies affects the item contained within their gifts. The event hats consist of various Nutcracker heads.


Special Events[edit | edit source]

The New Years' Games[edit | edit source]

The New Years' Games begins on January 1st and consists of various challenges given to the WNTGD community each week. After each week, the winners will be announced and will be gifted with copies of WNTGD. This event lasts for 3 years and is notable for being the only major event that doesn't happen within the game.

1st April Fools[edit | edit source]

The 1st April Fools event begins, as its name suggests, on 1st April and generally alongside the Easter Event. It consists of a small update that will add some joke feature. Currently, the three 1st April Fools jokes were Henry the Beetle and its brethren, the Battle Royale "Mode" with Jumpscare Jerry and a fake update announcement about an artstyle change and a sneak peak to a fake new biome.

Developer Streams[edit | edit source]

Developer Hangout Streams happen every saturday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm MST on their Twitch channel.

Weekly Challenges[edit | edit source]

Weekly Challenges happen periodically and last for a week, as their name suggests. They are challenges given to the community, which are not necessary done in-game, and if the community manages to complete it within the time limit, the developers will do what is detailed in the challenge as the reward for the challenge, which range from temporarily turning a boss into a cat to changing a developer's profile picture to the most ridiculous image the community uploads.

Description Events
Season Events Spring Frobbit •  Frobbit Egg
Summer Aztec Mummy •  Aztec Casket
Fall Pumpkin Latcher •  Pumpkin Hatchling •  Headless Horseman
Winter Sugarplum Fairy •  Rabid Rat •  Gift