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Flesh Sac

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Flesh Sac
Health(ext.) N/A
Biome Ancient Abyss
Appearance Belly of the Giant

The Flesh Sac is an uncommon enemy found in the Belly of the Giant of the Ancient Abyss.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Flesh Sacs are hollowed distentions in the membranous walls of the Belly of the Giant that serve as home to the flesh eating Nematodes. Similarly to the very walls that they are part of, they cannot be destroyed by any means, and will continuously spawn Nematodes until the crew manages to kill the beast and escape its collapsing interior, potentially making them the most dangerous spawner in the game.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Flesh Sacs will continuously spawn Nematodes, as long as there are fewer than 3 alive. They cannot be damaged by any means, and will continue to spawn the parasites until the crew manages to kill the heart of the beast and escape its collapsing interior, at which point the behemoth and everything in its interior will explode into gore.

Description Ancient Abyss
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