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Health(int.) 60
Biome All
Appearance cave

Frobbits are event enemies that hatch from destroyed Frobbit Eggs.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Frobbit is an escaped experiment created by Dr. Moreau, an ungodly amalgamation of a frog and a rabbit (hence its name). It is highly aggressive and reproduces rapidly, making it a threat to the ecossystem of the Living Infinite. Interestingly, neither frogs nor rabbits produce shelled eggs, suggesting they also contain the DNA of other creatures, synthetic or modified DNA or have rapidly evolved to produce shelled eggs.

Moreau's quote[edit | edit source]

Greetings, specimens; it is I, the ingenious and most handsome of physiologists, Dr. Moreau. I'm writing to you swathes of salty spelunkers this day to inform you all of some uh... problems that have been created. Problems that I may or may not have anything to do with.

You see, some brilliant mind has recently been experimenting with creating the Most Ultimate Hopping Creature Ever Known to Man - an uncanny hybrid of Frog and Rabbit - a Frobbit, if you will. This experiment was so incredibly successful that it managed to hop its way out of the facility and off my- er - off SOMEONE'S Secret Island and into The Living Infinite's depths themselves.

This creature lives to breed, and as such it has left countless of its spawn in its wake - in the form of large EGGS containing its young. If not stopped, this creature will undoubtedly overrun the undersea eco-system with its many Hopping Hatchlings in a matter of weeks.

~ Dr. Moreau

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Even right after hatching, they are extremely aggressive and will hop towards the player and bite it repeatedly when they are close enough. While not particularly dangerous, they have a decent amount of health and will often spawn as mini-bosses. Smart teams can, however, simply leave the eggs alone until they are prepared to fight the Frobbit inside.

Description Events
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Summer Aztec Mummy •  Aztec Casket
Fall Pumpkin Latcher •  Pumpkin Hatchling •  Headless Horseman
Winter Sugarplum Fairy •  Rabid Rat •  Gift