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Health(int.) ???
Biome The Meteor
Appearance Interior

The Ghast is an uncommon enemy found in The Meteor.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Ghasts are wretched fiends with an undying taste for machinery. They are yellow-ish skeletal monsters, known for their unblinking, unfeeling green eyes and their blood-soaked grin. They enjoy sowing chaos and despair, using their twisted, malformed hands to sabotage cicuitry, hiding under an arcane veil of darkness to turn completely invisible to those that attempt to see it from a distance. When the power goes off or the consoles stop working, there is one thing you can be sure of: A Ghast lurks nearby, hiding in the shadows in a patient wait for your inevitable demise.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Should the Submarine ever make contact with an Interdimensional Tear created after the destruction of an Eldritch Pyramid, a Ghast may make its way inside. Once in the vessel, they will seek its machinery and sabotage it until they are interrupted, or will even pull down the Power Switch should they be able to reach it, instantly deactivating all power. What makes them so insidious, however, is their ability to turn invisible to anyone looking from far away. Their veil can, however, be broken by simply getting too close to it, and although they are sneaky and cunning, they are not defenseless either, and will attempt to tear apart anyone that approaches or attacks it, slashing upon their flesh using their sharp claws with ruthless abandon.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Although they are capable of sabotaging machinery and making them unusable until it is interrupted, the true danger of the Ghast is their ability to pull down the Power Switch if they are able to get to it. Because of that, it is extremely important that the assigned engineers keeps close watch to the Engine Room whenever the Submarine passes through an Interdimensional Tear, to prevent a Ghast from being able to deactivate all power in a fell swoop. Since the Ghast is not particularly strong, the engineers shouldn't have much of a problem fending it off, as long as they have an Item as strong or stronger than a Wrench.

Description The Meteor
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