Cursed Clam

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PowerSwitchMiddle.png This article is about the Cursed Clam. For the common version, see Clam. For the Barnacle version, see Barnacle Clam.
Cursed Clam

BiomeCursed Waters

BiomeCursed Waters

The Cursed Clam is an enemy found in the caves of the Cursed Waters.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Cursed Clams are undead, rotting clams that have been resurrected, possibly due to the cursing effect of the biome's water. Moss can be seen covering most of it and parts of it's shell are noticeably falling apart, as well as being much paler than normal clams. After being "killed", its soul will exit its body and attempt to avenge itself by chasing the players and exploding on contact.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

These undead clams have half the health of normal clams and become vengeful Ghost Clams upon death, making them highly dangerous if killed. It may be best to avoid fighting them, although that will severely reduce the gold you can plunder from the caves. After being defeated, its ghost will appear and try to avenge itself by chasing the players and disappearing in a suicidal ectoplasm explosion on contact!

Tactics[edit | edit source]

If possible, it may be wise to leave these clams undisturbed until the cave is fully explored. The crew can then kill the clams, remove their ghosts and collect their pearls with diminished risk. If you do decide to kill them, however, the only way to avoid taking damage from the ghost is dodge rolling at the exact time it explodes, which requires some training. Of course, the ghost may simply be avoided, but it will continuously appear in the next caves, seeking revenge. The best weapon for dealing with the ghosts is the Rose, as it will allow the player holding it to take 3 ghost explosions, die, and be revived with no penalty at all.

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