Giant Bubble

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Giant Bubble
Health(ext.) 3
Biome All Biomes
Appearance Exterior

The Giant Bubble is an obstacle that appears on all biomes.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Giant Bubble, as its name suggests, is an oversized bubble, formed in the depths of The Living Infinite. Due to its buoyancy, it will slowly float upwards, until it is inevitably popped by either some creature that lurks in the trench, or a crew of some intrepid explorers that are delving into the deep.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Giant Bubble is found in all sorts of places, and will simply float upwards until it is destroyed. If the Submarine makes contact with it, the vessel will be encased inside the bubble, and will slowly float upwards until along with the bubble, until it eventually pops, either due to being damaged, or simply after a set amount of time passes. You can pop these bubbles with any weapon, with the preferable choice being the machine gun so you don't waste any torpedoes. The bubble can also be popped from using the pointy end of The Espadon submarine. It is recommended that you pop these bubbles before you get caught in them because you're incapable of moving until the bubble is popped, which can be deadly in certain situations.