Dimensional Projection

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Dimensional Projections

BiomeThe Meteor

BiomeThe Meteor

The Dimensional Projections are common Obstacles found in the The Meteor.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Dimensional Projections are concentered borders between dimensions, where sections of different realities pierce through our own. They have the form of extradimensional geometry, pyramidal structures made out of alien material in a constant spinning motion, weaving the fabric of other realities into our own. Should they ever be destroyed, they will tear through our dimension, allowing otherworldly creatures to make their way to our universe, as long as there is an empty vessel for them to use to breach into our world.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Eldritch Pyramids are imcomprehensible Obstacles found in The Meteor. Should they be touched or shot at, they will create a large explosion, blemishing the very fabric of reality, and creating Interdimensional Tears between our own and many others. Such anomalies can be the doorway for unspeakable creatures to enter the Submarine, should the vessel ever make contact with these breaches between dimensions.
The following are the enemies the Interdimensional Tears are capable of spawning:

Description The Meteor
Enemies Roaming Enemies Starborn (Starspawn) •  Elder Thing •  Whisperer •  Eldritch Vessel (Mad One)
Tear Enemies Dunwich Horror (Horror Spawn) •  Shoggoth •  Ghast
Boss (Miniboss) The Ancient One (Lunar Guardian)
Obstacles Eldritch Pyramid (Interdimensional Tear)
Locations Hub The Nautilus
Space Space of Scholars •  The Moon