The Lunar Guardian

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The Lunar Guardian
Health(int.) ???
Biome The Meteor
Appearance Interior/The Moon

The Lunar Guardian is a Boss found in the surface of The Moon.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Lunar Guardian is a huge alien being that wanders through the surface of The Moon, guarding it from unseen dangers with a ferocity unprecendented by mankind. It has two large arms, crab-like legs and a jawless head with nine glowing eyes, as well as a fearsome set of teeth. Its pale, round body is decorated with many blue feather-like appendages, as well as many large folds appearing primarily in its gut. Even after the passing of uncountable eons, these beings yet roam the surface of Earth's greatest companion, and this ancient being has even served as the basis for the design of robotic marvels created in the forgotten Undersea Lairs hidden deep inside The Living Infinite.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Lunar Guardian has two arms with which it attacks, one being a large, fearsome claw and the other being a formidable crystallic weapon capable of producing a devastating laser beam.
The Claw will switch between slamming into the ground with a large force and attempting to grab its target. If it succeeds, it will hold and slowly crush its target, and will only release them if it is staggered by receiving high amounts of damage in a certain amount of time. Additionally, if someone is inside the Submarine, it will slam its claw inside and try to grab a crewmember. If it succeeds, it will pull what it caught to outside the ship, and hold it as if it had grabbed its victim from the exterior.
The Laser arm, meanwhile, will periodically attack by creating a large laser beam, which will continuously damage anything it touches. Lastly, The Lunar Guardian has one last way of hurting its foes: Using its legs. When walking or if a player is near its legs when it's standing still, it will rapidly slam its feet onto the ground and hurt anything that gets caught under it, as well as causing small meteorites fall from beyond the veil of the skies, dealing 2 points of damage to anyone unlucky enough to be caught beneath them.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

The Lunar Guardian Guardian takes highly increased damage if hit in the head and can also be staggered if it receives a large amount of damage in a short span of time. Ranged weapons are great for targeting its weak spots, while melee weapon users will be unable to target the Guardian's head. Additionally, sustained damage (500 damage) to its limbs may cause them to fall off, which can leave the Lunar Guardian mostly defenseless and easier to kill. Hitting the arm holding a crewmember, or simply dealing enough damage in a short span of time can cause him to stagger and drop them, as well as making the boss unable to attack for a short amount of time and stopping a charging laser before it is fired. The Lunar Guardian's corpse cannot be destroyed, and when hit with a Pickaxe or Butcher Knife, it will drop nothing.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like most monsters encountered inside (or in this case, technically outside) the Meteor, the Lunar Guardian is based on the entities from the Cthulhu mythos of the same name.

Description The Meteor
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