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Health(ext.) 10
Biome Dark Depths
Appearance Exterior

The Macrourus is an uncommon enemy found in the Dark Depths.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Macrourus is a ray finned fish characterized by its huge, bulbous eyes, and adaptation to the pitch dark environment this creature dwells in, allowing it to better see. It is one of the few friendly creatures to be found in the harsh environment of the Dark Depths, known for following around Submarines and curiously watching them as they further descend into the dark abysses of The Living Infinite.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

A curious being by nature, the Macrourus will often be follow the submarine around, sometimes getting in front of the turret. When it takes a few hits, it will generally try to run away, but may attempt to watch the vessel from a distance, often accidentally getting itself killed. It is not aggressive in any way, but it can generally pose as a nuisance by making it harder to kill the dangerous creatures that infest the Dark Depths.

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