Mad One

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Mad One
Health(ext.) ???
Biome The Meteor
Appearance Interior

The Mad Ones are common enemies found in The Meteor.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Mad Ones were perhaps once human, one of the unlucky few to ever reach this place, under the fleet of an enigmatic captain whose original name has been lost to time. However, their research expeditions soon came to an end, their bodies unable to endure the unspeakable power of the eldritch relics they attempted to plunder. Regardless, they are now but mindless husks of their former selves, their bodies rotten and deformed, their skin twisted and reshaped, their forms remade in the image of an incomprehensible being that no human language can adequately describe, nor a human brain can ever comprehend. Their minds are consumed by the madness wreathed upon them by the eldritch entities they serve, bounded to an eternal thraldom to those that lie below.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Found inside their Eldritch Vessel, the Mad Ones will ram their vessel into the player's Submarine and proceed to tear their way inside. Once in the interior of the ship, they will follow anyone they see, and will swing their deformed tentacle-like arm at anyone they see, crushing through the bones of whatever is caught in its path. Although their long swings may allow skilled crewmembers to dodge its attacks, their rather long range can make it difficult for two or more people to fight it at once without getting hurt, and although they are no particularly troublesome when alone, they can be extremely dangerous if many are able to enter the submarine before the gunner can destroy their wretched vessel. It should also be noted that they are capable of breaking through doors, making it very difficult to contain them for long.

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