Mechanical Abyss

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Mechanical Abyss
Layer 4
Light level Dark
Civilization Mechanical Dome
Boss The Ambassador

Description[edit | edit source]

The Mechanical Waters appears as one of the fourth biomes in the current game. It is a dark, mysterious place where every surface is made from a strange biomechanical product, a black, oily substance flows, and only the frequent unnatural red lights illuminate this twisted, monochromatic environment, where flesh and technology interwoven form the unfeeling, monstrous creatures that dwell in such a watery grave. The boss of the Mechanical Waters is The Ambassador.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The Mechanical Waters is an alternate version of the Ancient Abyss, where some powerful technology began to consume and merge with the lush fauna and flora, slowly turning them into the monochromatic, dark and disturbing biomechanical creatures that roam in the oily, polluted waters flowing in the dark reaches of this corrupted biome.

Water[edit | edit source]

The water in this biome is oily and sticky, and will hinder movement and vision in any flooded areas in the Submarine, often making it difficult to spot dents and holes, or even smaller enemies crawling inside the ship. Additionally, ingesting this oleagenous liquid can make you become Oil Drenched, severely hindering your vision, as well as further diminishing your character's efficiency in repairing and fighting by lowering their Stats.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

A list of enemies that can be found in the Mechanical Waters biome:

Enemy Picture Enemy Name Biome Exterior/Interior/Cave
Mechanical Shark Mechanical Abyss Exterior
Oil Spitter Mechanical Abyss Exterior/Interior
Trash Compactor Mechanical Abyss Exterior/Interior/Cave
Mechanical Fish Mechanical Abyss Cave
Mechanical Vessel Mechanical Abyss Exterior
Mechanical Hunter Mechanical Abyss Interior
Mechanical Eye Mechanical Abyss Exterior/Interior
Mechanical Turret Mechanical Abyss Exterior
Mechanical Emissary Mechanical Abyss Exterior/Interior

Boss[edit | edit source]

At the bottom of the mechanical waters lies The Ambassador.

Civilization[edit | edit source]

This biome's civilization is the Mechanical Dome, a destroyed and corrupted ancient egyptian city that once sat inside of a now broken glass dome, now a large factory wherein the mechanical infection replicates and prospers, and that is populated by the disturbing Reborn Ones.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Mechanical Waters is heavily inspired by the works of H.R. Giger.

Description Mechanical Abyss
Enemies Roaming Enemies Mechanical Shark •  Oil Spitter •  Mechanical Vessel •  (Mechanical Hunter)
Cave Enemies Mechanical Fish •  Trash Compactor
Boss The Ambassador •  (Mechanical Emissary)
Obstacles Mechanical Eye •  Mechanical Turret •  Mechanical Mine
Civilization Hub Mechanical Dome
Dwellers Reborn Ones •  Repaired One
Recruit Mechanical Runt