Mechanical Hunter

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Mechanical Hunter
Health(ext.) 120
Biome Mechanical Abyss
Appearance Interior

The Mechanical Hunter is a rare enemy found in the Mechanical Abyss.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Mechanical Hunters were once a group of explorers that delved into the depths of The Living Infinite, eventually arriving at the Mechanical Abyss, where they ultimately met their end. However, neither their bodies nor their wrecked vessel were left untouched, and their remains were twisted and transformed as their organic material became interwoven with the sentient machinery that controls the abyss, and when they sprung back to life, they were little more than mindless husks, twisted into jagged, metallic creatures, designed by the Great Machine to be efficient killing machines, which now drive their distorted vessels, scouring the Mechanical Abyss for intruders for them to eliminate and incorporate into their macabre society.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Found inside their Mechanical Vessel, the Mechanical Hunters will ram their vessel into the player's Submarine and proceed to tear their way inside. Once in the interior of the ship, they will follow anyone they see, and repeatedly slash them with their use of their sharp limbs. Although not particularly powerful alone, they can wreak havoc while in groups, and since multiple Mechanical Hunters will invade the Submarine after their vessel successfully hits it, they can pose a great threat if the crew is not prepared.

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