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This page lists the numerous obstacles the crew can encounter in the living infinite.

Floaters[edit | edit source]

Bubbles[edit | edit source]

A giant Bubble

From time to time, a Giant Bubble will appear and slowly float upward. If your Submarine gets caught in it, it will encase it and continue to float, bringing the ship with it. If nothing is done, the Submarine can be transported straight up for quite some time. However, a single shot on the bubble with any projectile will destroy it, releasing the Vessel.

Lion Mane Jellyfish[edit | edit source]

A Lion Mane Jellyfish

In the Aurelian Waters, many Large, yellow Lion Mane Jellyfish can be found swimming upwards. They do not chase the submarine, but they can block the way and may need to be killed, and touching it's long tentacles will make it grab hold of the ship and slowly retract its tentacles, bringing the submarine upwards to it, making so it's necessary to kill it for the vessel to escape it's hold. If you do not destroy it or boost away to release your vessel, they will envelop the submarine and slowly deal damage to it. They can, however, be helpful due to producing large amounts of light due to being bioluminescent creatures, not to mention they may block enemy movement or Micro Ephyra shots if positioned correctly.

Ice Crystal[edit | edit source]

A Ice Crystal found in the Living Infinite

Ice crystals only spawn in the Frozen Waters. There are two forms. All ice crystals take two torpedo shots to destroy.

  • The first form is just a ball of ice, it can float anywhere in the water and can be pushed around by explosions, collisions, and enemies.
  • The second form is a tall pillar, attached to the rock of the level. Cannot be moved.
  • The ice crystal has 20 health and takes two torpedo shots to be destroyed.

Jelly Crystal[edit | edit source]

A Jelly Crystal found in the Living Infinite

Jelly crystals only spawn in the Aurelian Waters, and function similarly to the immobile ice crystals, blocking the submarine. In addition to that, Jelly crystals are notable for glowing. Due to the presence of crystal-like creatures, it's unknown if it's caused by bioluminescence or some other phenomenon, nor if they are actually alive. There are two forms.

  • The first form is a small pillar, attached to the rock of the level. Cannot be moved.
  • The second form is a tall pillar, attached to the rock of the level. Cannot be moved.

Barnacle Mine[edit | edit source]

A Barnacle Mine found in the Living Infinite

Barnacle mines only appear in the Infected Depths. They float around, creating a distinct stirring noise when the submarine gets close to it. Upon contact it explodes, causing damage, and spawns a Barnacle Biter about half of the time when destroyed. They also have a small chance of spawning a Barnacle Grabber when destroyed.

Harassers[edit | edit source]

These obstacles only become active when the submarine gets too close. They are hard to notice, and usually blend in with the environment. Most of them will deal rapid damage to the submarine as long as they can hit the submarine. All of these obstacles take 2 torpedo shots to take out.

Seaweeds[edit | edit source]

A Seaweed
An Infected Seaweed

Seaweeds currently spawn in most biomes. Their purpose is to slow the submarine down when it gets caught in them. Seaweeds can be destroyed by shooting their anchor point with a single torpedo, this means shooting them where they connect to the rock. Seaweeds have different effects in some biomes.

Sea Anemones[edit | edit source]

A Sea Anemone

In the Atlantic Waters, sea anemones can spawn. These will simply disable shields on contact.

Oysters[edit | edit source]

An oyster

In the Cursed Waters, oysters can spawn. They will repeatedly bite if the submarine comes too close and can deal enormous amounts of damage very quickly. These clams, however, have the shortest range of all harassers and they are very easy to spot. Additionally, oysters will sometimes spawn in trios, but with their size reduced.

Bobbit Worms[edit | edit source]

A bobbit worm

In the Dark Depths, bobbit worms will spawn, and will stay mostly hidden in the ground until the Submarine approaches, when it will start attacking it repeatedly and rapidly. these worms have the longest reach out of all the wall obstacles and can deal considerable damage in a short amount of time.

Flowers[edit | edit source]

A purple flower
A yellow flower

In the Prehistoric Waters, flowers can spawn. These flowers have a ranged attack, and take 4 torpedo shots to take out. There are two variants

  • The purple flower is the most lethal, shooting out a purple seed that spawns a single Seed Fly inside if it hits the submarine.
  • The yellow flower shoots out a spiked seed that bounces off walls, causing a single hit of damage upon contact.

Stoppers[edit | edit source]

These obstacles will latch onto the submarine, or pull them in, immobilizing the submarine completely until they are taken out.

Barnacle Harvesters[edit | edit source]

A Barnacle Harvester

In the Infected Depths, Barnacle Harvesters will spawn. They look like a normal barnacle in a rested state, but will rapidly lash out with its segmented limbs if the submarine gets too close, grabbing the Submarine and stopping it from moving if it connects. They take two torpedo shots to take out. Their purpose in the barnacle society appear to be capturing prey and harvesting (hence its name) meat that sinks from the upper layers.

Tube Worms[edit | edit source]

Some Tube Worms

In the Volcanic Depths, Tube Worms will spawn. They can be either short or tall. The tall ones take 3 torpedo shots to take out whilst the short ones only take 2. They spawn a tube worm inside the submarine which cannot harm players, killing this tentacle releases the players, and kills the tube worm outside. Alternatively, the shooting the tube worm outside until it dies, kills the tube worm inside.

Structures & Traps[edit | edit source]

Obstacles that spring to action once a certain condition is met.

Mechanical Eyes[edit | edit source]

A Mechanical Eye

In the Mechanical Waters, Mechanical Eyes will spawn. They scan the oily waters in a large cone section in front of them and slowly turn their "eye" to watch a larger area of the biome. Additionally, they will periodically blink, making them unable to see for a short amount of time. Once a non biomechanical creature or object appears in front of them, they will spring into action and employ one of the following methods to eliminate the trespasser:

  • They will employ a magnetic field to pull the Submarine in and render it immobile until the Eye is destroyed.
  • They will detach from the wall and pursue the Submarine, latching onto it and sticking its "tentacles" inside to attack anyone in the interior of the vessel.
  • They will open its "eye", releasing a Mechanical Shark to attack the Submarine.

Mechanical Turrets[edit | edit source]

A Mechanical Turret

In the Mechanical Waters, Mechanical Turrets will spawn. They protude a large laser (similarly to the Upgrade) and once a non biomechanical creature or object is inside its range, it will start tracking it and periodically shooting at it, dealing high damage to them until they exit its range, get out of its sight or destroy the Turret. They are highly dangerous because their shots are unavoidable and can only be protected by Shields, and large amounts of them can render it impossible to get past them without slowly destroying them.

Effigies[edit | edit source]

Effigies are exclusively found in the Cursed Waters And consist of cursed bones possessed to a wood structure. If touched or shot at, their respective Abomination will reform and attack the submarine or it's crew. Two variants can be found outside while one can found inside caves. The outside Effigies will also blow up once touched, damaging the submarine and knocking it away.

Humanoid Abomination[edit | edit source]

A Humanoid Abomination effigy

Found inside Caves, it creates the Humanoid Abomination, which after forming, will chase the players and continuously attack them until it dies. The Humanoid Abomination is incredibly resistant and although rather slow, they are surprisingly agile for their size. Due to the danger they pose, it is better to simply avoid attacking its shrines to prevent having to fight it.

Squid Abomination[edit | edit source]

A Squid Abomination effigy

Found in the exterior, it creates the Squid Abomination, which after forming, will chase the submarine and continuously attack it until it dies. It is one of the largest and most resilient enemies in the Cursed Waters and can easily keep up with most Submarines. In addition, it can quickly bring down the Hull Integrity to dangerous levels. It is better to avoid touching or attacking its shrine when possible.

Hammerhead Abomination[edit | edit source]

A Hammerhead Abomination effigy

Found in the exterior, it creates the Hammerhead Abomination, which after forming, will chase the submarine and continuously attack it until it dies. Similarly to the Squid Abomination, it is big and very resilient, and can easily keep up with most Submarines. In addition, it can quickly bring down the Hull Integrity to dangerous levels. It is better to avoid touching or attacking its shrine when possible.

Other[edit | edit source]

Volcanic Vents[edit | edit source]

An open vent after getting shot.
A closed vent

In the Volcanic Depths, vents can spawn. These vents will periodically shoot out gas, which damages and propels the submarine. When shot, the vents will open, and shoot out gas much more frequently. These vents are indestructible, shooting them only makes them more dangerous by opening them and helping release the fumes. Enough speed, timing, and sometimes torpedo boosting is needed to get past some vents. Additionally, experienced drivers may use these vents by Vent Boosting, as to avoid danger.

Algae Pile[edit | edit source]

An Algae Pile

Algae Piles spawn in flooded areas of the Submarine on the Atlantic Waters. It can be destroyed if attacked and will otherwise slow players that walk over it.

Mold[edit | edit source]

A Pile of Living Mold

Mold can spawn in flooded areas of the Submarine on the Cursed Waters. It works similarly to Algae Piles in that it can be destroyed and will slow players walking over it. Additionally, however, the mold is alive and will follow the players, making it a bigger nuisance.

Puke[edit | edit source]

A pile of Puke

Puke is produced by blobfish or players infected by Sea Sickness. If touched by a player, they will instantly contract the disease and produce more puke of their own. It can be destroyed by attacking it.

Wall Barnacle[edit | edit source]

A Wall Barnacle

Wall Barnacles will appear in the Submarine if it's flooded by the larvae infected water of the Infected Depths. These will grow and pop at different sizes, spawning different stages of the Barnacle Spider. The water or Wall Barnacles should be cleared to avoid getting overrun.

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