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Oversight[edit | edit source]

Pickups Upgrades and other items are normally found in caves, and can also be found on sale at underwater Civilizations.

Potions[edit | edit source]

Potions are pickups dropped rarely by Barrels or sold at Civilizations, and they either increase greatly one stat specified by the potion, at the cost of a small decrease of a random stat; or they will instantly damage (and potentially kill you). It is important to know the potions so you can identify them.

List of Potions[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Effect
Max Health Potion Increases max health, decreases damage or breath
Breath Potion Increases max breathing time, decreases repairing speed
Damage Potion Increases max damage, decreases reparing speed
Repair Potion Increases max repair, decreases breath
Poison Deals 10 damage.

Pickups[edit | edit source]

Pickups will help you on your way deeper or are optional loot (like gold). They are commonly found in caves.

List of Pickups[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Effect Location
Torpedo Ammo Bundle Adds torpedos to your submarine. Found in barrels/chests
Battery A battery can temporary power a console with 1 energy. Found randomly in caves
Fuel Adds Fuel to your submarine. Found in barrels/chests
Gold Pile There are different amounts of gold piles scatterd in caves,

adding different amounts of gold to your loot.

Dropped by Enemies,

found in barrels/chests,

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Upgrades help you to survive the living infinite by increasing a Submarine stat. Upgrades are dropped by Crates and there can be found only 1 per cave. They can also be sold at Civilizations.

List of Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Effect
Shield recharge speed Increases shield recharge speed by 7%
Engine speed Increases engine speed by 5%
Cannon rotation speed Increases cannon rotation speed by 7%
Hull integrity upgrade Increases hull by 5 points
Increased bullet fire rate Increases bullet fire rate by an unspecified amount
Increased EMP


Increases EMP damage by an unspecified amount
Increased Fuel Tank Increases fuel tank size, allowing the storage of more fuel
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