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Plant Hive

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Plant Hive
Health(int.) 120
Biome Ancient Abyss
Appearance Cave

The Plant Hive is a spawner enemy found in the caves of the Ancient Abyss.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Plant Hive is a large, pale plant with a gigantic flower on top of it. Its pale colour suggests that it does not produce chlorophyll, indicating that it does not make photosynthesis and gets its sustenance by other means, possibly being a carnivorous plant. Additionally, similarly to the Prehistoric Flowers found in the same biome, it produces Seed Flies instead of regular seeds, giving it a way to disperse its offspring and also protect itself, since they will also attack any threat nearby.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Plant Hive will continuously spawn Seed Flies, as long as there are fewer than 3 spawned Seed Flies alive. It cannot move or defend itself directly, but the Seed Flies it spawns are highly mobile and aggressive and can make this enemy a very dangerous threat.

Description Ancient Abyss
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