Sea Monkeys in the Vents Day 6

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Letter[edit | edit source]

What a fool I am! In my crew's attempt to seize the idol last night, the Sea Monkeys were stirred and a horrific scramble took place - my crew quickly became overwhelmed and I'm afraid they perished at the hands of the family. John, Pierre, Francis, I'm so sorry I let my curiosity become the best of me. Now both the idol and myself are stranded here - for our vessel was demolished by the creatures during the chaos. The idol seems to mock me from a distance as I lay here crouched in the safety of my hiding place. It's only a matter of time before the Sea Monkeys find me I'm afraid - as the events of last night set them off in a full-blown panic. If anyone finds these notes - I implore you to publish my findings, so that the next expedition need not end so tragically.

Jane Fossey