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This article or section may contain spoilers. You might want to avoid reading further if you don't want to spoil the surprise for yourself!

Image Code Item Slot Notes
Pink Mustache.png
markiplier Pink Mustache Facial Hair Reference to Youtuber Markiplier
Septic Eye Sam.png
jacksepticeye Septic Eye Sam Hat Reference to YouTuber jacksepticeye
lordminion777 Crown Hat Reference to YouTuber LordMinion777
muyskerm Headphones Hat Reference to YouTuber Muyskerm
Hat IGP.png
IGP Dirty Shed Hat Reference to YouTuber IGP
Hat IcyCaress.png
IcyCaress Frozen Hand Hat Reference to YouTuber Icy Caress
jimsterling Boglin Hat Reference to YouTuber JimSterling
POISONAPPLE Apple Hat Reference to streamer Pretty Poison
Cow Mask.png
B-0V1N3 Cow Mask Hat Reference to Bessie, We Need To Go Deeper character
Shark Cat.png
LORDGRUMGRUM Shark Cat Hat Reference to developer's cat
lonelyastronaut Lonely Astronaut Helmet Hat Reference to Nick Lives' other game, Lonely Astronaut
Beta Blobfish Hat.png
N/A Beta Blobfish Hat Hat For beta testers
Center 00204-389-1902-5530 Beta Duopus Hat Hat For beta testers and players of the month
EXSUPRA Eldritch staff Item Unlocks the eldritch staff
(Must have discovered its Relic for the code to work)