The Erupting Shell

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The Erupting Shell
Health(ext.) 100 × Player amount
Biome Volcanic Depths
Appearance Exterior

The Erupting Shell is the boss of the Volcanic Depths

Smoldering no more, this gargantuan tortoise in the Volcanic Depths has developed none other than an entire erupting volcano on its rocky exterior! Boiling with rage inside and out, the Erupting Shell will protect its vent-heated domain at any cost.
~ Version 0.9.0 Update Notes

Description[edit | edit source]

The Erupting Shell is a colossal cheloniidae that roams the bottom of the Volcanic Depths. With an appearance similar to the Volcanic Turtle, but bearing a more scorched appearance and a much larger carapace, on which lush flora develops, deeply rooted in the rocky surface of the behemoth's shell. Inside the creature, a great, searing heat expands - a boiling rage that forever grows, and is released through the enormous Vent that rests alongside the small ecosystem in the top of the giant's shell - a great danger to anything that lurks above it.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Erupting Shell is a gigantic turtle that resides within the Volcanic Depths. Its hard rocky shell renders it invulnerable to most weapons, making so you will have to target the creature's vulnerable spots. Additionally, the large Volcanic Vent on the top of its shell will constantly erupt, damaging and knocking back anything unlucky enough to be above the great behemoth, and should you get far enough from the creature, it will periodically spit out Volcanic Boar carcasses, which will release multiple Sea Monkeys should they hit your vessel.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

The Erupting Shell is certainly a force to be reckoned with solely because of the fact you can only damage it by shooting its head, tail or vent. However, that can be bypassed should you have a Harpoon Gun. Otherwise, you better prepare the best of gunners to fight this ancient beast because you will definitely need those skills in order to pass its impenetrable defenses. Additionally, it is wise to attempt to be constantly below the behemoth, as it cannot directly attack anything below, and most importantly, you will be far, far away from its mighty Vent.

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