The Nautilus

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Description[edit | edit source]

The proudest vessel to ever dive into The Living Infinite, the Nautilus has been reduced to a misshapen ruin. The once luxurious quarters have become submerged graveyards, the floor tainted in blood and the walls ripped apart and hidden behind layers of rust. Soaked books, scattered supplies and crimson-colored debris now litter the floor wherein once hopeful crewmen now lay slain amidst destroyed furniture, submerged in the eldritch waters where their last breath was taken, frozen in time like a monolith to the madness that roams deep in the umphatomable abysses of the Meteor, and a last warning to whoever manages to reach this place - there is no hope.

Contents[edit | edit source]

The following are the contents that can be found in the begotten carcass of the Nautilus.

UpgradeCrate.png Upgrade Crates[edit | edit source]

A single crate can be found hidden away in a storage room, slowly being consumed by the prying hands of the eldritch waters, containing a marvel of technology, now forgotten and buried in the graveyard hidden deep in the darkest abysses of The Living Infinite. There are 3 categories of upgrades:

BarrelWithEmblem.png Barrels[edit | edit source]

Old, weathered barrels, bearing the once great emblem of the Nautilus, now buried deep inside the unwavering sands of time. They are the unused supplies of the crew that now lies dead amongst them, containing goods never put to use, and riches never to be admired again.

LootableBody.png Lootable Bodies[edit | edit source]

They are the remains of those who once walked on the decks of the Nautilus, the explorers that met their fates deep inside the eldritch waters that run hidden in the bottom of The Living Infinite. Even after death, their skeletons are still holding tightly to the tools and weapons they carried during their demise, frozen beyond the curtains of death, forgotten and abandoned inside the rusted graveyard that was once their vessel.

GoldPile2.png Gold Piles[edit | edit source]

Piles of shimmering riches, buried deep down in the watery abyss of The Living Infinite and resting amidst desiccated carcasses, stripped away of purpose and meaning; doomed to await hidden inside the forgotten graveyard, until it is at last reduced into the unrecognizable and swallowed away by the waters of The Meteor, never to return, never to be remembered.

Lore[edit | edit source]

CaptainNemoCorpse.png W.I.P(probably the body of Captain Nemo as this is the nautilus and the hair shows the kind of hair)(or a jules verne tribute)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Description The Meteor
Enemies Roaming Enemies Starborn (Starspawn) •  Elder Thing •  Whisperer •  Eldritch Vessel (Mad One)
Tear Enemies Dunwich Horror (Horror Spawn) •  Shoggoth •  Ghast
Boss (Miniboss) The Ancient One (Lunar Guardian)
Obstacles Eldritch Pyramid (Interdimensional Tear)
Locations Hub The Nautilus
Space Space of Scholars •  The Moon