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Description[edit | edit source]

The Time Portal appears at the end of the last biome and appears to be a large vortex-like distortion in the time-space continuum. At the center stands the Time Traveller, the cause of the phenomenon, as a last attempt to prevent you from awakening The Ancient One.

Effects[edit | edit source]

To reach the Time Portal, simply ignore the slumbering Being and continue donwards, where you will find the Time Traveller and his portal. Upon entering the Time Portal, you and your crew will be transported back to the first layer, allowing you to continue your journey with all your equipment and upgrades and get more loot. However, entering the portal can bring great consequences in the form of a new entity, that seems intent to destroy you at all costs. In addition, after entering it, the crew will have lost their track of time, and during all Dinner sequences, the date will be unknown and will display "???" instead. It should also be noted that all enemies will increase their health and damage upon each loop, and that looping does not prevent you from getting the normal endings if you wish - all you have to do is awaken the Ancient One once you get back to the bottom of the Meteor. Alternatively, if you wish to continue looping, simply ignore it once again and continue downwards into the Time Portal.