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Overview[edit | edit source]

  • This page contains clickable links (blue texts) to find more detailed information, you can also use the above contents menu for easy navigation.
  • Starting a game should be self explanatory
  • If you have any problems or questions you can find help by searching and/or posting on the steam forums as a lot of the community (including developers) will assist you.

Tutorial / Controls[edit | edit source]

  • This section is a basic tutorial, the controls given on this page are default keys.
  • The in-game main menu has an options menu allowing you to see the following controls, with the possibility to rebind keys.

Character Controls[edit | edit source]

  • W, A, S, D - moves your character side to side, up and down (including ladders). "S" can revive other players.
  • E - interacts with various things inside the Submarines and Caves.
  • Q - provides an exterior view using a Periscope.
  • Right click - cycles through your Items.
  • H - Displays a help icon (!). Activated by default upon death. Hold "S" on a dead player to revive.

Other Controls[edit | edit source]

  • Enter -
  • Tab -
  • Escape -

Submarine - ("Roles")[edit | edit source]

The submarine layouts can be seen after clicking one of the current submarines, each highlighted area will be referred to in the following sub-categories.

Engine Room - ("Engineer")[edit | edit source]

  • The center switch has 3 positions.
    1. Down - Shuts everything off including the interior lights, nothing else can be powered.
    2. Middle - Provides power to the interior lights and allows the other consoles to be powered.
    3. Up - EMP weapon that kills most enemies instantly, but locks into the "down" position temporarily.

Each console has a unique symbol and should be easily recognizable.



Effect Max




Light surrounds the submarine (not controllable).

Light is attached to the submarine weapon (controllable).

1 Both
Shields Blocks damage, each power provides 1 block (recharges). 3 Crevette
Weapons 1 Power for mini gun (unlimited ammo)

2 Power for torpedo (limited ammo, needs to be loaded)

2 Crevette - 1

Requin - 2

Engines Propels the submarine (more power is faster). 3 Both
  • E - to occupy and exit a console.
  • W, S - to add or remove power to the occupied console.

Navigation Room - ("Driver")[edit | edit source]

  • E - occupy and exit the console.
  • W, S - angle the submarine up or down
  • A, D - turns the submarine in the desired direction, left or right.

Weapons Room - ("Gunner")[edit | edit source]

  • E - occupy and exit the console, also used to grab and load torpedoes.
  • 1 Power for a mini gun (unlimited ammo), 2 Power for torpedoes (limited ammo, needs to be loaded).
  • Space bar is used to shoot both ammo types, provided the above requirements are met.

The Hatch[edit | edit source]

Exit and enter the submarine once a cave is entered.

  • E - Exits when hatch is highlighted.
  • E - Enters when the submarine is highlighted.

The Bed[edit | edit source]

Slowly heals your character.

  • E - Enters and exits the bed.

Caves[edit | edit source]

  • A Cave contains various things to aid you in your current and future journeys.
  • These are fairly easy to explore, just be careful of Enemies. Don't let your health drop too low if the path back isn't clear.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Loadout / Found Items[edit | edit source]

  • Loadout - Any kind of wrench will be very valuable for the duration of your run. Monkey Wrench is my favorite.
  • Found - Any weapon or support item found can be an effective secondary. Pump or Tesla are my preferred.

Biomes[edit | edit source]

At the moment always using 3 speed and one shield is the most effective strategy no matter the player count or sub. This strategy is practically forced after the first cycle. Therefore the below strategies will be more traditional. The lights also may be optinal for some players which have very bright screens, yet it's still heavily recommended to turn them on when needed.

(However since fuel has been added, in the 0.5.7 Splurge Surge update, 3 power on engine greatly consumes fuel so if used it doesn't last long)- Dr Cupcake

The newest update made fuel more kind of a "boost". Use it at the worst situations, after the first cycle you shold be very rational and only use it when the special enemies will attack. -Freemankiller

Atlantic Waters[edit | edit source]

  • Strategy - A good combination of speed and other equipment, no lights needed.
    1. Crevette - 2 power into engines, 1 power into gun, 1 power into shield.
    2. Requin - 2 power into engines, and 1 power for each gun.
  • Dangers - This biome is fairly easy.
    1. Open Water - Swordfish are among the deadliest enemies, potentially killing players inside.
    2. Caves - No particular enemy stands out as dangerous, be aware of mini bosses.
  • Boss (Palejaw) -

Frozen Waters[edit | edit source]

  • Strategy -
  • Dangers -
  • Boss -

Cursed Waters[edit | edit source]

  • Strategy -
  • Dangers -
  • Boss -

Dark Depths[edit | edit source]

  • Strategy -
  • Dangers -
  • Boss -

Infected Depths[edit | edit source]

  • Strategy - Slow and carefull progression, lights needed.
  • Crevette - 1 power on everything
  • Requin - 1 power to Light, 1 or 2 power to Engines, the rest of it to Weapon systems.
  • Dangers -
  • Boss - The Hive

Volcanic Depths[edit | edit source]

  • Strategy -
  • Dangers -
  • Boss -

Prehistoric Waters[edit | edit source]

  • Strategy -
  • Dangers -
  • Boss -

Caves[edit | edit source]

Advanced[edit | edit source]