Volcanic Boar

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Volcanic Boar

BiomeVolcanic Depths

BiomeVolcanic Depths

The Volcanic Boar is a common enemy in the Volcanic Depths and its Caves

Description[edit | edit source]

The Volcanic Boar, as its name suggests, is a boar-like creature. It has suffered multiple adaptations to survive in the hot, dangerous biome it lives in, such as having a very thick, red skin that can endure extremely high temperatures, having leaf-like, green fur (although it's possible it complements its diet with photosynthesis, similarly to the real life Elysia chlorotica). Additionally, it has an additional pair of eyes and it's tail has turned into a caldal fin to aid locomotion in the water.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Its attacks come in a charge form, accelerating rapidly and ramming its tusks into the player(s), making it very hard to dodge. Additionally, it can rarely be found swimming in the water as a green ball of hide, trying to tackle the submarine and breaking in when there are no shields to stop it, it can be killed by shooting at it with any projectile. Rarely, those boars found in the water may actually be deceased and being used by Sea Monkeys as a method of locomotion, in which case a Sea Monkey will invade the submarine instead. Weirdly, the Volcanic Boars found in caves have 30 less health than the ones that invade the submarine. This was presumably done for balancing reasons.

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