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Volcanic Squid

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Volcanic Squid
Health(ext.) 10
Health(int.) 50 (each tentacle)
Biome Volcanic Depths
Appearance Exterior

The Volcanic Squid is a rare enemy found in the Volcanic Depths.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Volcanic Squid is a large cephalopod with a scorched, rocky skin, 3 pairs of eyes and a vertical mouth instead of a beak, exposing its multiple sharp teeth. Rock layers are found at the ends of its three tentacles and mantle, giving it decent protection against the multiple dangers it will inevitably face. Adding to its threatening appearance, the Volcanic Squid is possibly the biggest latcher enemy found in The Living Infinite, and can be a large threat to unprepared voyagers or to a disorganized crew.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

When a Volcanic Squid spots the submarine, it will make a straight line for it. Once it is very close, it will latch onto the sub, and disable the shields for as long as the squid is holding onto the submarine. Three tentacles will appear inside, and cause a hull breach each. The squid will not release the submarine until all tentacles are severed in the interior.

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