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Items in We Need to Go Deeper are a variety of tools and weapons that can be found in the game world and later bought and unlocked for immediate use in The Catalog once discovered.

List of Items

A list of all currently available Items.

Item Icon Item Name Item Description Item Cost
ItemIconsWRENCH.png Wrench No team should be without one! Keeps

the submarine in ship-shape. Good for

not drowning and not exploding.

Unlocked at Start
ItemIconsSWORD.png Sword Slice and dice your foes with this simple

but powerful old fashioned weapon!

500 Gold
ItemIconsFLINTLOCK.png Flintlock Shoot down pesky creatures with this

state-of-the-art shooting technology!

2000 Gold
ItemIconsRevolver.png Six-Shooter The fastest gun in the West. It may

not be powerful, but it's quick-shootin'

with 6 whole rounds before needing to


2000 Gold
ItemIconsBUTCHERKNIFE.png Butcher Knife This fine piece of cutlery can chop

up any foe into fine, edible pieces of

sea food!

2000 Gold
ItemIconsMEDICAL.png MedKit Keep your crew in tip top shape with this marvelous kit of medical supplies! Also gets fallen crew on their feet much quicker. 2000 Gold
ItemIconsPIPEWRENCH.png Pipe Wrench A wrench for the fighting man - slower

repairs, but it packs a whallop!

1000 Gold
ItemIconsFLASK.png Chemistry Kit Create various scienctific concoctions

of various levels of usefulness with this

all-in-one chemistry set!

3500 Gold
ItemIconsROSE.png Rose Show loved ones you care about them with this beautiful rose! 10000 Gold
ItemIconsRIVETGUN.png Rivet Gun Repair leaks and dents from afar with the amazing Rivet Gun! Warning: Do not point at face. 5500 Gold
ItemIconsWATERFILTER.png Water Pump Pump and convert water out of your ship and into harmless steam using this state-of-the-art pumping technology! 5500 Gold